In your command-line, download the executable 'deftydev':

curl -L

Create environment

Create a 8GB RAM environment:

./deftydev create myapp -m 8gb

Start environment

'Up' the environment to start all services remotely:

./deftydev up myapp


Instant development environments

Create your dev envs instantly on-demand with zero setup required.

Repeatable environments

Environments are repeatable to prevent "works on my device" syndrome.

Based on Docker, Kubernetes or scripts

Environments can be based on Docker, Docker-Compose, Kubernetes or plain shell scripts.

Zero setup

Getting an env live requires strictly zero setup. We use existing Docker or Kubernetes yaml.

Zero dev machine bloat

Since all the services run on cloud, your machine does not require to bloat with your dev environment. There is no setup or teardown everytime you start your development sessions.

Auto volume remote sync

Volumes are auto detected and synced remotely to ensure fastest possible development iterations and inner-loop.

All services available on your machine

Although the services run on the cloud, all of them are available over ports listening on your machine itself seamlessly transporting data to-from cloud. No mucking with your configs to connect to obscure IPs or hostnames.

Fully encrypted transport

All connections to cloud are SSL/TLS encrypted to prevent any eavesdropping irrespective of whether the actual service has transport security.

Share envs with your team for integration/debugging

Once you have your env up and running, others can connect to the same env for intergration or debugging sessions.

Envrionments that exactly match production

Environments can be configured to exactly match production setup to prevent post-deployment prod-only errors.

Environment as Code

Code your environment into a config file and commit it into your repo so you/your team can always work against the right environment.

No installation, run a simple CLI

All this is possible by just downloading a simple CLI, no installation, no dependencies to setup, works on all OSes. Just a CLI and your env conf file.


Each GB of RAM used by env is priced at 9.99$/month.